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Board games Paradise at Pair a Dice

Board games and game lovers, walk-in to the newest, hippest cafe that has more than 150 international board games. We have hourly and day long passes so you can enjoy as many games as possible.

over 150 international board games at cafe pair a dice

01Pick a Game & a Pass

Enter a world of games in Suburban Mumbai’s first board games cafe.Pick an hourly or daily pass to play any game from our library of over 150 international board games.

02Order Up!

You don’t want to play strategy on an empty stomach. Order from a wide variety of game themed starters and mains, and also our collection of freak shakes. We keep adding more food to keep your stomach full at all times.

03Walk out a winner

Compete with fellow gamers, and walk out with a photo on our wall of fame and the satisfaction of not playing on your mobile device.

Get a Smartphone Detox


Get your face out of that phone of yours and play interesting (never known before) games. Like a game too much? Take our day long passes and play as many games as you want!

Help on Hand

Don't worry if you don't know how to play. Our game experts will explain it better than the instruction manual.

Snap Glory

Frame your winning moment and share it with your friends, get featured on our wall of fame on winning in our events

Charge with Chow

Fuel your body with some amazing collection of shakes as you wade through mazes and weave strategies to sink battleships

We're Making Co Working Cool

Still working out of coffee shops? Fret not. Come, chill out in our chill premises to enter a co working space like never before. Music to keep you going, and all the food and drinks from our menu* will keep you going till we close up every night.

Assemble Now.

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Fill the form on the right to reserve, know more about our offerings, co-working space or just a good ol’ chat to know more about our games. Or you can just walk in at any time.

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